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Bathroom Remodeling in Madison, WI

We specialize in Madison WI bathroom remodel projects. Our team is dedicated quality craftsmanship. You might be tempted to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up a new bath vanity or some tiles, but many bathroom projects are larger than anticipated. Learning to tile can be complicated and a poor job can cause water damage or cracked tiles. Switching out a vanity might mean a gap with flooring or countertop. Problems can quickly mount, which is why we recommend leaving it to the pros. If your spouse is considering tackling this project on their own, give us a call and save yourselves the fight.

Walk-in Shower Madison

Our bathroom renovation contractors will make this design our reality. Our team will be respectful of your home while we go through this process. We will diligently to complete your project timely. Many steps in the process require drying time from drywall repairs to tile grout so bathroom renovations can take some time to complete. The time investment will ensure a quality outcome that last decades.

If you are looking for a company to handle your bathroom makeover, we can help! We have years of experience in the construction industry and provide excellent customer service. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about our services or give an estimate on what it might cost.

We offer free consultations so that you understand all options available for your project before making a decision. Schedule yours today!

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We know that it can be difficult to find a reliable contractor for your home improvement project. That’s why we hire only the best contractors with years of experience in bathroom renovations, tub conversions and walk-in showers.

Bathroom Remodeling Madison

A bathroom remodel is a big decision, but it’s not too late to make an impactful change for your home. Whether you’re adding a new bathtub or updating the old one, making changes to the shower area, or installing walk-in tubs and showers – we can help! We provide in-home consultations with our designer who will answer any questions you have about what would be best for your family.

Bathroom Design

Many customers have a vision of their ideal bathroom or Pinterest boards full of ideas. Our Madison bathroom remodel team can turn those ideas into a reality. We will start by determining how much space is available, the current plumbing and electrical configuration, and check for structural issues that might exist. Our team will work to create a bathroom design that is easy to navigate, has the amenities you’re looking for, and accomplish is your aesthetics. Now’s the time to decide if you want to tub to shower conversion or to upgrade to a walk-in tub. We want to get an idea of your storage needs to determine adequate bath vanity styles, countertop sizing, and shouting needs. Our team will also ask about any mobility issues of family or friends to determine proper height, spacing, and whether grab bars or other features are needed. We want to design a bathroom that will meet your needs for years to come. This is an investment and we want to get it right!

Bathrooms that get noticed.

Our local professionals know how to create modern bathrooms that your family and guests will enjoy using.

Quality Materials

We can guide you through deciding which materials to use.

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Our team is highly skilled. All jobs have excellent craftsmanship that willl last.

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Tub to Shower Conversion

Tub to Shower Conversions are very popular in smaller bathrooms to free up space. They make the bathroom appear larger and feel more modern. Converting to a shower is also popular for those with accessibility challenges. Tubs are difficult to get in and out of and can be dangerous for those with mobility issues. Our team can evaluate your needs and design a shower to meet those goals as well as be visually appealing.

Walk In Tubs & Walk In Showers

Walk In Showers are luxurious looking and can be a real wow-factor when selling your home. Walk In Tubs & Walk In Showers both provide increased accessibility for those with mobility issues to safely navigate daily living. Walk in tubs or showers are a great investment for those who prefer to remain at home as they age. Walk in showers are also great for those with pets to bath rather than lifting them in and out of a tub. Our team can design and install the perfect solution for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not do when remodeling a bathroom?

Homeowners are often confused about what to do when they redo their bathroom. One of the things homeowners should not do is make an unrealistic budget for a bathroom refinishing project. Another thing homeowners should avoid is starting with a new vanity cabinet before removing any other fixtures from the space for safety reasons.

Does remodeling a bathroom increase home value?

Many people think that by doing some simple updates, they will be able to get their home appraised for more than it is worth! While there are many factors in determining how much your house is worth, including location and size, adding a new bathroom or updating the old one won’t necessarily make your property go up in value. It’s best to consult a realtor.

Should master bathroom have a tub?

Some homeowners love a big tub and want their master bath to have one while others think that having a tub in the main room might be too much of an indulgence. It comes down to personal preference.

Does a walk-in shower add value?
“A walk-in shower is a luxurious addition to any home, but how does it impact the home’s value? To answer this question we turned to some of the top remodeling experts in the industry and found that adding a walk-in shower can actually increase your property’s value by $2,000-$6,500. But there are other reasons why you might want one as well.”

How long will a bathroom remodel take?

When you’re looking for a Madison bathroom remodeler, it’s important to remember that the time needed for a project can vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

What is the best bathroom layout?

Homeowners are always looking for the best design when renovating their bathrooms. What is the best layout? There isn’t one! It all depends on your bathroom needs and there’s no reason to settle for anything less than what you want.
What if you have a small space with limited options? You can still make it work by utilizing features like a corner tub or shower, an over-sized sink, or even an innovative toilet that takes up very little room.
No matter what type of layout you’re going for, at Bathroom Remodeling Madison we specialize in custom layouts and designs so you get exactly what you need! We also offer lots of different styles including modern contemporary, traditional classic, coastal cottage and more.

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